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If you've found your way here, you're likely a business owner, organization advocate, or simply an entrepreneur looking to leverage your marketing operations and engage with your audience. Building a brand presence stretches far beyond a brilliant logo package or routine social media comes from mindful strategy and intentional maneuvers, unique to the organization at hand. Your business isn't cookie cutter - your promotion strategies shouldn't be, either. That's exactly what we focus on at Strass Collins & Co - highlighting what makes your business special and approaching creative strategy through that unique lens.

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We approach marketing consultation differently. Rather than presenting you with hourly fees or pre-packaged rates, we evaluate your specific business needs to come up with a pricing solution that works best for you. We’ll even provide competitive pricing so you have a clear picture of what you can save by working with us. 

In the event you require services outside our area of expertise, we have a book of industry connections made through years of agency experience. If we can’t get the job done alone, we’ll identify and negotiate on your behalf to find the perfect partner. And as your consultant, we won’t mark up their services or pretend they “work for us”. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost, and we’re here to prove it!

Our Process

Strategic partnerships that save you money.

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Behind the desks


After earning her BA in Environmental Science and Policy from Florida State University, Alecia launched her marketing career with non-profits like National Geographic and The Florida Aquarium. There, she found her passion partnering with small businesses. She followed this passion to the "agency-side", where she spent 5 years as a project manager and director of accounts for over 100 B2B and B2C clients. It was here she found her mission is to build strong, meaningful partnerships with small businesses. 


Alecia is certified in a wide array of digital and social media platforms. When she's not busy curating unique content for clients, growing our innovative campaign strategies, or executing digital advertising campaigns, you can find her exploring the city's newest neighborhoods and happenings. She's a proud Tampanian from birth, loves testing new recipes with ingredients from her garden, and finds so much joy in exploring our local waters and marine life.

We believe in giving credit where credit is due; In working as a partner, not as a profiteer.


Sydney has over ten years of experience in brand development, strategy, and content design. After graduating from Florida State University with her Master's in Marketing and Business Administration, she focused her career in the retail and B2C spaces. She has managed budgets of $100+ million for Fortune 500 companies and has a proven track record launching new brands, curating visual packages, managing vendor relations, and production. She has a long history in content curation and design, as well as website development. 


Sydney's most passionate about helping a client's vision and brand come to life. She loves molding custom design packages with thoughtful marketing strategy that aligns with a client's short- and long-term goals. She has a never-ending appreciation for home design, adores traveling and exploring new places, and will find any excuse to entertain family and friends.

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